by: Rod Carter Posted: Dec 10, 2020 / 06:44 PM EST / Updated: Dec 10, 2020 / 06:44 PM EST

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Tampa doctor spoke before the FDA panel Thursday to give his opinions on the Pfizer vaccine.

Dr. David Berger is the owner of Wholistic Pediatrics and Family Care and told the panel he feels more studies need to be done, specifically about current and future effects of the vaccine.

During his three minute presentation he outline several points including:ADVERTISING

● Ongoing post-vaccine studies of definable subpopulations, including different ethnicities,
nationalities; various socioeconomic groups; those with pre-existing allergic,
hyperinflammatory, and autoimmune conditions; pediatric and geriatric patients
● Details of post-vaccine adverse events
● Identification of specific vaccine and batch number administered to each individual
included in the data
● Vaccine effects on currently-infected and previously-infected COVID-19 patients
● Minimum of six-months tracking patients to assess longer-term side effects; particularly,
the development of autoimmune and hyper-inflammatory conditions, such as those listed
in other vaccine package inserts
● Post-vaccine protective rates, including surveillance of IgG antibodies to various
SARS-CoV-2 proteins
● What IgG antibody level is considered protective

“I think a person who would hesitant, would look at those numbers differently and would have a better chance of making a better decision for themselves and their families,” Dr. Berger said.

Berger plans to speak before the Moderna hearing next week.


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