Dr. David Celebrates 25 Years as a Pediatrician by Performing Benefit Concert for Young Actors with Special Needs

Celebrating 25 years as a Board-certified Pediatrician, Dr. David  Berger will be hosting a benefit concert for the Penguin Project, a musical theater program for children with special needs.

Meet Dr. David

Dr. David Berger provides research-based health education that empowers people to make the best possible medical choices for themselves and their loved ones. Dr. David emphasizes an individualized approach to medicine that recognizes the uniqueness of each person’s needs, life circumstances, and health history. He also understands medical and health choices are not simply “black and white” — there is a gray area associated with every decision, and people must be informed to weigh the risks and benefits for their particular situations.

Dr. David strives to build a broad community of learners based on curiosity, open-mindedness, and knowledge. He aims to reach the largest audience possible, extending far beyond what is possible through the geographical and financial limits of a typical doctor-patient relationship.

Your Health, Your Choice With Dr. David

Your Health, Your Choice with Dr. David is a YouTube series that explores such topics as preventive and immunological health, autism and neurodevelopmental disorders, healthy preconception through infancy protocols, medical cannabis, vaccine considerations, and so much more. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to view all of our new content.

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"Everyone has the right to choose an individualized pathway to health. I want to help you and your loved ones reach your goals."

"Everyone has the right to choose an individualized pathway to health. I want to help you and your loved ones reach your goals."

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