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Recent Medical Cannabis Questions

As an expert in medical cannabis, journalists writing on the topic often reach out for assistance in their research. For this month’s health newsletter, I decided to share some questions I recently received from a publication writing about medical cannabis related to digestion and post-surgery.

Why does my poop smell like cannabis?

In 7 years of being a cannabis certifying physician, I have never had a patient complain about this. But if a person consumes an edible that is made with grounded cannabis, some of the cannabis plant fibers in the edible could pass through the digestive system and be discharged in the stool. It is also possible that similar to other aromatic herbs (such as garlic), edibly-consumed cannabis may have aromatic compounds excreted into the stool.

Does marijuana make you poop?

Marijuana is more likely to slow down stool passage. This is one of the benefits for cannabis patients who have Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. Especially when orally-consumed, cannabis is more likely to cause constipation as a side effect. I have had some patients get softer or looser stool if they are using a low concentration tincture, with a higher amount of oil, to get the proper milligram dose needed for their treatment. I have also seen digestive issues arise due to other ingredients found in edibles, but this is not common.

What are the repercussions of consuming cannabis after a tonsillectomy?

Marijuana can be an excellent way to control pain after surgery, and can reduce or eliminate the need for opioid pain relievers. The area where the tonsils were removed needs to heal, and should not be exposed to irritants. For this reason, tinctures, capsules and edibles are great ways to get the benefits of cannabis without irritation. If inhaling is preferred, oil and dry herb vaporizing with a lower vape battery temperature should be less irritating.

What are the repercussions of consuming medical cannabis after a wisdom tooth removal?

Similar to the previous question, exposure can be to the entire oral cavity. There is probably a lower risk after wisdom tooth removal since the smoke will not directly irritate the back gums compared to how it can impact the throat.

Are all cannabis products appetite stimulants?

Not all cannabis products are appetite stimulants. Products and cultivars (sometimes falsely referred to as strains) that are higher in THC-V, can actually suppress appetite. Also, CBD usually does not stimulate appetite.

Hope you found this information useful and informative! Feel free to send us any additional questions on this topic or other topics you’d like me to address in our monthly newsletter or our “Ask Dr. David Live” YouTube series.

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