May is mental health awareness month, and although Mother’s Day has come and gone, I wanted to share some unique ways moms can prioritize and optimize their mental health. Being a mother can be an extraordinary and fulfilling experience; it is also typically stressful, frustrating, and overscheduled!

Here are some tips for all the moms:

  1. Advocate for yourself! So many moms put their needs last. That needs to be reversed. Set boundaries and communicate your wants and needs.
  2. Ask others for help. Most people are willing to help out a mom in need. You are more than entitled to a break and respite, so ask for the support you need.
  3. Take care of your body. Eating healthy, staying well-hydrated, and getting good sleep are all essential. Get outside. Exercise. And try to have fun while doing it!
  4. Take care of your mind. We cannot function optimally if we do not tend to our emotional and psychological well-being. Try to carve out at least 15 minutes of “me” time daily. Take a bath, meditate, read a book, or whatever else feels right and relaxes you.
  5. Maintain social connections. Schedule time with friends and kid play dates where parents can also hang out. Keep up with your extended family and try to do activities with others who share interests beyond parenthood.

Take good care – you deserve it!

Dr. David


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