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Happy Spring Allergy Season!

Lots of patients, friends, and families are already telling me that this allergy season is kicking in and getting the better of them. Here are some of my tried and true recommendations for fending off allergies and reducing symptoms when they occur.

  1. Maintain optimal blood levels for vitamin D and zinc. Each lab has its own reference ranges based on the patient’s age. Aim for the middle of the lab’s reference range, not just being anywhere in the range.
  2. Follow an anti-inflammatory diet. The health of our gut heavily influences the function of the immunological system.
  3. Avoid foods that cause allergies in the individual. Do an elimination-reintroduction diet to determine the allergens.
  4. Use raw, local, and seasonal honey for seasonal allergies. As bees pollinate the local plants, they bring small amounts of pollen into the honey. Daily use of honey can act similar to allergy shots or sublingual immunotherapy.
  5. Natural antihistamines include bromelin, stinging nettles, quercetin, vitamin C, and bromelain. Medicinal antihistamines and nasal steroids are usually well tolerated if needed for the long term.

Be well!

Dr. David