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Dr. David’s Q&A on Ivermectin

Is Ivermectin safe for humans?

  • Has been FDA approved for about 40 years. 
  • Appears to be a rather safe substance when
    • Used at FDA-approved doses 
    • Under the supervision of a physician
    • Drug databases checked for potential drug-drug reactions 
  • Human version from human pharmacy

What Is Ivermectin FDA-approved for in human use?

  • Not FDA approved for COVID 
  • Oral use as tablet for intestinal parasites
  • Can be used as Lotion for head lice or tablets for scabies

Follow-Up: off-label usage is this common in medicine

  • Example: ivermectin has anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • May be a mechanism of action that brings clinical improvement. 
  • Studies needed to evaluate how well ivermectin works in this fashion

Why shouldn’t humans just take the veterinary version –  is it the exact same drug at a different dose, or is the one approved for veterinary purposes in any way different?

  • Drugs formulated for large animals, like horses and cows, often have a really high concentration of the active ingredient that is appropriate for an animal of that weight. 
  • Use of concentrated veterinary products have a much higher chance of overdosing and toxicity.
    • Such a large dose can be “highly toxic” in humans, who weigh hundreds of pounds less than livestock
  • Inactive ingredients in drugs formulated for animals have not been studied for safety in humans or have only been studied in much lower quantities.
    • Could make the active ingredient (i.e., ivermectin) even more potent and potentially harmful.

Do I know people who have used Ivermectin for COVID?

  • Anecdotal reports patients obtained Ivermectin Rx and reported feeling much better w/in 24-48 hours → though not FDA approved for this
  • Yes, though patients who used our COVID-19 natural treatment protocols also reported feeling much better in 24-48 hours

Have you been prescribing Ivermectin for COVID? No,

  • Most comfortable recommending our COVID-19 protocols
  • Used to support a strong, but not too strong, immune response
  • Zinc and vitamin D levels are optimized!
  • Symptoms/signs of inflammation start to appear: supplements like quercetin, curcumin, and high dose omega 3 fatty acids

Are there other pharmaceutical interventions being used?

  • If needed, monoclonal antibodies appear to be a reasonable and successful approach to prevent worsening COVID-19 symptoms