There has been much discussion on social media about a recent mask study performed by a team of cardiologists in Denmark ( 

Details about the study: 

Limitations of the study:

My comments about this study:

My conclusions:

The most important point of all is not addressed in this study…

The only way to be certain to not contract SARS-CoV-2, is to not be exposed to people who have this virus. Remember, approximately 50% of people who are not symptomatic can still spread the virus.

As our families move into the holiday season, which in more typical times includes gathering with friends and family, we should be mindful of the following factors, which increase the likelihood of transmission:

To review our COVID-19 prevention and treatment protocols, please click here:

I hope that everyone has a wonderful, meaningful Thanksgiving. I encourage everyone to take time to reflect on how much we have to be thankful for, even in such crazy times.

Take care,

Dr. David 


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