April is Autism Awareness Month, and we want to shed some light on this complex brain disorder. Below you’ll find five things everyone should know about autism spectrum disorders.

  1. Autism is a lifelong neurodevelopmental condition with variability in symptom severity. It impacts a person’s ability to communicate and socialize, and many people with autism experience repetitive or restricted patterns of thought and/or behavior.
  2. Autism rates continue to rise despite no significant changes in diagnostic criteria or increased public awareness of autism spectrum disorders. This suggests external factors, such as unhealthy food and exposure to pesticides and metals, contribute to more children developing autism.
  3. Many people with autism have intestinal issues that can be improved by a cleaner diet and optimizing the body’s microbiome.
  4. Nutritional deficiencies (such as low vitamin D, zinc, and iron) and vitamin B metabolic disorders are commonly seen in people with autism.
  5. Many cannabinoids (such as non-intoxicating CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBGa) can significantly improve behaviors, sleep, irritability, and socialization in people with autism.

Let’s continue to advocate and increase awareness!

Dr. David


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